Pass the Mic: Stories & Lessons from a Life in Radio

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What if you were able to hang out with some of your favorite people in music and entertainment? What questions would you ask? What experiences would you have? What insight would they share? PASS THE MIC offers such opportunities through the stories of radio veteran, Denise Hill. Enjoy her reflection through decades of great encounters with some of music and pop culture's most recognizable figures. With PASS THE MIC, you will learn, laugh, be enlightened, and enjoy FULL COLOR pictures. Grab all the wisdom you can and enjoy one woman's journey through radio.

"Denise Hill is an awesome radio industry professional. My first experience with her was when she served as a Program Director in NY. She told me something I've never forgotten. She told me when writing my music to remember "what comes from the heart reaches the heart." What I've admired most since I've met her is that she approaches every assignment with professionalism and integrity. I have a great amount of respect for her!"

JJ Hairston; Award-Winning Artist, Writer, Producer - JamesTown Music

"Pass the Mic is an amazing offering from a knowledgable, well-respected and long time broadcast industry professional, Denise Hill. If you're thinking about the broadcast industry as a career, this is a must-have book for you."

B. Jeffrey Grant-Clark; Author & Music Marketing Veteran

"Denise is one of the realest, most consistent people in my life. Her understanding of real life issues, industry and spiritual, gives her an exceptional approach in navigating through whatever task that is in front of her. She definitely operates in a "No-Fluff" zone which is rare in the industry today. I hope you all enjoy this body of work as much as I did."

J Moss; Award-Winning Artist, Writer, Producer - PAJAM